The Tanzanite Style:  As a good Cap Classique sparkling wine is rated on the mouth feel this is an extremely important part for the Tanzanite style. The wines are tasted every six months to determine the time the specific vintage must spend on the lees.  Ageing on the lees is one of the crucial parts in making a good Cap Classique. The wine must reach its optimum maturity. That will be determined by the blend and the vintage.


Composition:     Chardonnay 80% Pinot noir 20%

Grape Origin:     Robertson

The wine is matured for a minimum of 24 months on the lees. This Brut is an elegant fizz.  It has a firm structure, good depth of flavour and a firm mousse. Great intensity with luscious fruit, flinty and nutty with soft creamy notes. It’s fresh, dry, lingering and well structured.  This is a structured and elegantly matured wine. Drink now or over the next two years.

This is my passion in life to create an excellent and unique South African Cap Classique. We have to make the best of every day in our life not just of every occasion. So, do enjoy the wine to celebrate the privilege of life. Limited quantities are made. It’s a hand crafted wine made with lots of patience and care.


Food accompaniments  


Enjoy as an aperitif, with smoked venison carpaccio, creamy chicken,  Orange duck and Crème Brule.




Composition:   Pinot noir 60%, Chardonnay 40%

Grape Origin:  Robertson

The wine spent a minimum of 24 months ON THE LEES in the bottle.  It begins with a subtle onion skin pink appearance. Fruity, fresh, with subtle minerality and smooth biscuit flavours, followed by the delicacy of red fruit aromas, raspberries and cream. A perfect balance of richness and finesse. Very limited quantities are made








Enjoy when having a cocktail party, it’s the wine of choice for aperitifs on the terrace and in the garden, scented with summer perfumes, or enjoy it by the glowing fireplace in winter. Recommended to serve with roasted white meat, game, tapas, ham and smoked salmon.